Workflow Consulting

Let the workflow consultants assist in sharing their knowledge and bring in best practice solutions to your office

Optimize Your Procedures With Our Expert Workflow Consultants

Great technology demands great people and processes to achieve optimal results. With Unlimited Financials, you get great technology. With Unlimited’s workflow consulting, you get a team of seasoned experts proven to develop successfully custom workflows across the Unlimited Financials platform backed by best practices and maximize financial results for specialty healthcare organizations.

Unlimited workflow consultants combine deep knowledge of the Unlimited product set with significant industry experience. They have an average tenure of 4+ years with the company and must demonstrate proficiency with the Unlimited platform before being named to the Workflow Consulting team. Many possess focused areas of expertise, such as patient intake, charge capture, treatment authorization, patient financial assistance, and A/R optimization. We match consultants to client engagements; our goal is to pair you with the best resources for meeting your needs.

  • Organizational Growth – Client growth can necessitate workflow changes. Trust our consultants to help assess and design new workflows that address business changes and position you for future goals.
  • Staff Changes – Onboarding new team members is critical to maintaining peak financial performance. Our team gets people up to speed quickly and efficiently, delivering value fast.
  • New Product Features – Optimal use of Unlimited products and features delivers maximum returns. Engage our team to customize workflows that complement your unique environment for peak financial performance.

Options for Delivery


Best for:

  • Comprehensive revenue cycle assessments
  • Sessions including multiple stakeholders and perspectives
  • Redefining best practices
  • Validating and/or amending departmental workflows


Best for:

  • Onboarding new people
  • Retraining staff
  • Focused extensions from onsite sessions
  • New feature training