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g4 Innovation Overview
Unlimited Systems has a sustained tradition of product development investment to benefit of the cancer specialist providers and industry partners we serve.

Our professional culture actively promotes innovation in product development, technical services, and customer interaction by:
  • Seeking, acknowledging and rewarding innovation in both our colleagues and customers
  • Pursuing challenging projects and ‘stretch’ goals that test and inspire our efforts
  • Utilizing Agile Software Development methodologies that enable rapid incorporation of customer feedback in iterative development cycles
  • Employing a staff of Microsoft Certified Professionals
  • Hosting structured customer events that actively engage end users and developers in face-to-face contact

The technologies we choose to explore and test are themselves new or differentiated and hold the potential to:
  • Improve the efficiency of the end user experience with our tools
  • Reduce the cost of maintaining our applications or their prerequisite environments
  • Support rapid application development to increase the timeliness and value of our solutions
  • Enhance the profitability of customer initiatives that rely on our software by exploiting new technologies for managing data, interconnecting systems, or deploying advanced features

We fund continued reinvestment in our own core infrastructure to benefit clients and ensure a sustainable foundation to our own business:
  • Customer portal, case management and web services applications maintained at SAS70 Type II data center
  • Microsoft Team Foundation Server utilized for source control and the management of software development projects
  • Redundant and geographically dispersed deployment and software licensing servers managed with RadiusTM technology
  • Virtual Server test platforms maintained in our internal product development labs

A decision to partner with Unlimited Systems ensures that your investment with us will prepare your organization for tomorrow. Our focus on software product innovation is not a hypothetical or experimental enterprise. It has been a guiding principle of our efforts to create value for customers since our incorporation.
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