Healthcare organizations often run multiple health information systems across their enterprises, but getting them to share patient information can present challenges.

When technology platforms are unable to communicate, it puts organizations at risk for creating manual workarounds and data silos that negatively impact operations and decision making.

Interlink Communications Gateway

To help streamline the flow of information into the right systems at the right time, Unlimited developed Interlink, a unique communications gateway powered by a configurable rules engine.

Not only does it help ensure patient information is shared easily and automatically among multiple systems, but the embedded rules flag data inconsistencies between systems, delivering that to end users as exceptions to be reconciled.

Integrates with any health IT system

Here’s how it works

Employing an “always-on” architecture

client-specific rules trigger Interlink to communicate with other systems,

requesting specific information in support of a particular action.

This unique level of system triangulation helps reduce data inconsistencies which can result in errors that affect billing and reimbursement, and other operations.

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