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The Best Medical Billing Software to Optimize Revenue in the USA

Make informed financial decisions based on real-time, accurate data, and gain a clear view of your business’s financial health.

Optimize Revenue With Medical Billing Software

Our web-based medical billing software allows you to get paid quickly and improve your productivity by streamlining and automating your entire medical collection and billing process. Our software helps to enter charges, process credit cards, check coding, send insurance claims& patient statements, print reports, automatically post payments, load fees & contracts, scan documents, and more.

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Medical Coding

Medical coding allows you to get paid quickly by sending the first patient insurance claim. You can compare codes against industry standards and payer-specific reimbursement rules. You can also access knowledgebase of coding, reimbursement rules, and compliance.

Charge Entry

Charge entry helps you to boost your productivity and minimize the time you spend on entering your charge data manually by having clean claims. You can easily check codes against payer rules, set up fee schedules, enter charges quickly, and track each encounter from appointment scheduling to the insurance claim submission. The software helps you to manage your cash flow and revenue seamlessly.

Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing enables you to get paid quickly, increase your patients’ collections and optimize costs by processing all payment cards from patients directly from our software. The service allows you to swipe a credit or debit card in the front office or by entering the credit or debit card information manually in the back office. You will also be able to accept online patient payments and then post the payment automatically.

Patient Statements

Patient statements allow you to reduce costs, save billing time, and accelerate your payment cycle quickly and efficiently. Your patients can seamlessly pay online after sending them electronic statements. The software allows you to print & mail on-demand patient statements, and get increased point of service collections making the process much simpler.


Our software administration features allow you to save time by managing your company’s entire information in one convenient location. The software allows you to manage multiple practices, manage insurance lists, set up users and role-based security, and manage different code sets.

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Why Choose Unlimited Systems?

We believe in what you do and that’s why we have chosen to focus on independent practices. We are on the same vision that independent practices are the best places to craft relationships with patients by providing them with the most meaningful care.

Our software-integrated modules work together as one seamless platform. We have integrated helpful tools to help you tackle the toughest administrative challenges. These tools consist of electronic health records, marketing, practice management, patient billing, and engagement software. Additionally, our software enables you to integrate third-party apps and services to make your life even easier.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our medical billing software comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our software is built by certified medical IT Professionals.

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