Today’s specialty healthcare practices and institutions need intelligent, user-friendly tools that simplify the complex business of revenue cycle management. At Unlimited Systems, we help specialty care organizations optimize revenues, accelerate cash flow, increase staff efficiency, and reduce stress on the business so they can achieve peak financial performance.

Designed specifically for specialty health, the g4 Studio platform helps organizations:

Accelerate cash flow by reducing pended and denied claims

Increase revenues through charge capture optimization

Save staff time by automating complex reimbursement workflows

Improve point of service collections through advanced front office workflows

A sophisticated SaaS-based platform,
g4 Studio also enables organizations to:

  • Rapidly scale up or down as needed

  • Allow remote user access anywhere with an internet connection

  • Easily adopt next generation features at no additional cost

  • Avoid costs associated with software and provider license investments

  • Benefit from premier disaster recovery, security, and performance features

First Pass Clean Claims Rate

Success Rate for Point-of-Service Collections

Reduction in Staff Workflow Steps

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