AR Management

Spend less time reconciling small accounts and focus more on the most valuable income sources

AR Management

Take Accounts Receivable Management to the Next Level

With a strategic and prioritized approach to accounts receivable management, your office will spend less time reconciling small accounts and more attention on the most valuable income sources.  Unlimited Financials allows you to put specific processes in place to facilitate a flow with alerts for what matters most and the necessary actions to be taken.  Without digging or intense investigation, your staff will know when to take corrective action across multiple claims and charges—all with a single click.  And you’ll very quickly identify billing trends, which will allow you to intervene before denials occur. Unlimited Financials is a software solution specifically designed to make typical receivables more intuitive while giving your team the power to handle those items that could delay payment proactively.

Automatically flag denials for review—never miss a follow-up opportunity thanks to system-driven alerts and the option to refile claims with detailed follow-up notes quickly. 

Identify underpayments according to allowable fee schedule— generate and view automatic comparisons of allowed amounts received against what is expected allowed according to the fee schedule. In addition, Unlimited Financials will enable you to easily configure a follow-up threshold based on a percentage or dollar amount.

Review and prioritize aging balances and claim follow-ups by patient account—quickly and easily see all outstanding claims and charges for any given patient with expanded views that show all claims and charges. This robust information allows you to identify billing trends and prioritize accounts by balance, age and exceptions.

Take bulk actions to correct issues and record updates for future follow-up—generate corrected or refiled claims in bulk and take adjustments or transfer balances against multiple charges all at once.