Real-time data when you need it


Gain Valuable Insight with Advanced Healthcare-Relevant Reporting 

Financial reporting is an invaluable tool when understanding the details of your practice’s revenue streams!  Unlimited Financials makes what used to be taxing for both staff and internal systems accurate and straightforward for offices of all sizes and specialties. With complete access to your entire database, our solution empowers you to quickly run reports that will give you the most accurate insight into all aspects of financial performance.  Because Unlimited Financials focuses solely on healthcare-specific financials, we understand what matters most to busy offices.  We have pre-built our user dashboards to offer the most comprehensive snapshot of all commonly generated financial analysis reports.  With virtually no disturbance to daily workflow, you’ll have the information you need to assess, act and pivot when necessary to keep your practice profitable and your patients receiving the best care.

Comprehensive data warehouse updated in real-time—realize the inherent benefits of a comprehensive  SQL-based data warehouse that includes all of your patient data and requires little tech knowledge to update, view, and analyze. In addition, all system updates are immediately reflected throughout the data warehouse.

Standard financial reports for daily, monthly and annual review—no complex configuring necessary because Unlimited Financials comes with out-of-the-box healthcare-specific reports that enhance your financial process—while also guaranteeing the integrity of your historical data. 

Integrated dashboards for KPIs and productivity—everything you need to run and maintain real-time monitoring of high-level performance metrics that allow you to identify trends and improvement areas for individual user roles. 

Support for self-authored reports with PowerBI and other reporting tools—create and add additional reports with PowerBI to fulfill a broader range of needs. Or apply your favorite reporting tools to our SQL-based data warehouse to get the job done.