Unlimited Financials is a full-featured yet user-friendly revenue cycle management platform designed specifically for specialty healthcare practices with front-and back-office workflow features to streamline your billing processes.

Security & Data Recovery

Assuring your data is secure is our top priority. We have partnered with leaders in the industry to give you the most substantial level of protection available. Unlimited Systems utilizes the extensive security features offered by Microsoft Azure to protect your data from physical and online threats.

Flexibility & Ease of Use

Unlimited Financials offers an intuitive user interface allowing staff to get up to speed quickly. Customizable workflows increase staff productivity from time-consuming tasks while improving your patient experience. With Unlimited Financials in the cloud, you can access your data wherever and whenever you need it.


Streamline the flow of information into the right system at the right time with Unlimited API. A streamlined experience across platforms is critical for your users to operate efficiently. With Unlimited API, practices can have confidence that their data will be seamlessly exchanged with other technology systems.

Latest Technology

Benefit from the latest hardware and software technology managed by experienced engineers without the expense. Unlimited Systems will continuously download and install software upgrades and security patches so your system is updated and your data is protected.


Patient Intake

Set the stage for streamlined registration of new patients while maximizing payment collection at the time of service. With Unlimited Financials, the patient intake process has never been easier. Moving forward, you can begin the process from the first appointment to every follow-up visit.

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Patient satisfaction and provider efficiency depend on reliable appointment scheduling. Unlimited Financials combines consistent workflows with advanced features to simplify and expedite your patient scheduling process.

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Eligibility & Authorization

Shoring up your eligibility and authorization processes with Unlimited Financials will help maximize payment collection while improving the patient experience. Insurance hiccups can cause significant financial challenges for healthcare providers and their patients.

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Charge Review & Claim Filing

By offloading routine and monotonous tasks to a reliable practice management solution like Unlimited Financials, busy offices like yours can better allot staff time to solve more complex charges and claim challenges.

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Payment Posting & Denial Management

Unlimited Financials facilitates fast and accurate financial record-keeping for busy healthcare offices like yours. Our revenue cycle system is designed to help you gain immediate insight into when payments are received and posted to your practice’s accounts.

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AR Management

Your office will spend less time reconciling small accounts and focus more on the most valuable income sources if it has a strategic and prioritized approach toward accounts receivable management. Unlimited Financials is a software tool that makes receivables more intuitive and allows your team to focus on items that may delay payment.

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Comprehensive data warehouse updated in real-time—realize the inherent benefits of a comprehensive SQL-based data warehouse that includes all your patient data and requires little tech knowledge to edit, view, and analyze. All system updates are immediately reflected throughout the data warehouse.

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Value-Based Care

Unlimited Financials provides a comprehensive resource to keep up with the rapidly changing payment models in healthcare with tools to support and optimize episode-based lump-sum payments, quality measure reporting and cost accounting to assist in risk-based agreements.

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