Providing financial workflow solutions for gastroenterology practices

Improve the Efficiency and Cash Flow of Your Practice

GI providers pursue reimbursement for a particularly complex blend of Professional and Technical Services. Besides billing correctly for high-value, ambulatory diagnostic, and interventional procedures, their business office teams must manage anesthesia and facility-based charges and collections for the endoscopy suite. Embedded support for prior authorization workflows and features that streamline medication administration billing enhance the value of Unlimited Financials for gastroenterologists.

When you choose our innovative gastroenterology practice management software, you make it easier for your administrative team to file cleaner claims, manage patient information, collect accounts receivable, and more. Our software has been proven to reduce revenue cycles and increase point-of-service collections by up to 90%, making it easier to collect the money you are owed for your services. If you want to improve the workflow efficiencies at your gastroenterology practice, contact us today to request a demo or download a free brochure.

Our Advanced Suite of Medical Practice Software

If you run a specialty healthcare practice, like a gastroenterology office, you know how difficult it can be to manage patient information, insurance claims, copays, and more. Our practice management software for Gastroenterology includes revenue cycle management and medical billing software, so you have everything you need to improve the efficiency of your business.

File Cleaner Claims and Improve Revenue Cycle Management

When dealing with insurance companies, it is essential to file claims correctly to ensure that they cover the life-saving services you provide your patients. Our software makes it easier for your team to do this properly, so there is no payment delay. It also reduces your staff’s workload, so they have time to focus on other ways to help your business grow.

The Revenue Cycle Management Solution Your Practice Needs:

Increase front office workflow efficiency by automating patient intake and checkout workflows, including appointment arrival, registration data review, and copay collection. The combination of these factors allows you to deliver a hassle-free patient experience.

Maximize reimbursement by applying carrier-specific rules and a comprehensive library of specialty-specific claim edits to validate claims faster with more complete results.

Automate payment posting for even the most complicated and non-standard ERA files to free up time for staff to spend on other essential tasks.

Eliminate the expense of manual processes with a configurable, rules-based engine that automates eligibility verification.

Improve cash flow through automated alerts that highlight underpayments and denials.

Improve staff productivity through auto-identification and assignment of high-priority tasks.

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The Unlimited Systems Difference

Everything we do at Unlimited Systems is designed to help you improve the efficiency of your practice while cutting costs. Our software has been shown to increase revenue and cash flow by up to 10%. More than 3,500 healthcare organizations use our software to manage more than $40 billion in revenue.

How Much Does Our Infusion Services Practice Software Cost?

We make it easy to get the software you need to power your practice. Our software is available as a subscription and is easy to scale up or down, depending on your needs. Contact us today to get a quote. 

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