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Elevate your behavioral/mental health practice with Unlimited Financials

Mental and Behavioral Practice Management Software

Unlimited Financials is optimized for the diversity of reimbursement contracts frequent with behavioral and mental health providers at scale. Contract-specific billing validation rules are enforced via a flexible configuration engine, resulting in more accurate first-time claim filing. Online and point-of-service payment features promote awareness of patient and guarantor balances and accelerate collections. ABA Therapy providers equipped with Unlimited Financials deliver critical care confidently in their revenue cycle foundation.

Boost Efficiency, Productivity, and Revenue

Unlimited Systems is a leading company specializing in revenue cycle software for medical professionals, including mental and behavioral health practitioners like you. As a specialty healthcare provider, you need intelligent, user-friendly tools to simplify the complex but necessary revenue cycle management processes. With our expert assistance, your practice can optimize revenues, accelerate cash flow, increase staff efficiency, and reduce stress on the business. The result? Optimal financial performance.

A Sophisticated SaaS Platform

Our platform is offered in a Software As A Service (SAAS) model, enabling your practice to scale up or down easily based on your organizational strategy. The flexibility of this offering allows for your practice to scale without requiring expensive license purchases.

From Front Office to Patient Experience

Are you looking for a way to enhance the efficiency of every single area of your medical practice? Unlimited Financials covers everything, from front-office users to your patients’ experience. With one tool, you’ll be able to manage and optimize the productivity of your whole business.

Tangible ROI benefits that result directly from accurate and efficient patient registration and intake workflows using Unlimited Financials include:

Elimination of manual effort required to identify and correct bad data

Automation of insurance verification processes

Support for document scanning & indexing at point of service

Immediate confirmation of secure payment transactions

What Makes Us Different (and Better)

At Unlimited Systems, we are driven by five fundamental values: integrity, community, appreciation, respect, and excellence. Every one of our team members is committed to empowering our specialty healthcare clients with the financial strength they need to deliver optimal patient care. We have the right solution if you want more than just general-purpose revenue cycle software.

Help Your Mental Health Practice Thrive

Ready to unlock the power of your behavior and mental health practice? Unlimited Financials modern design and immediate positive impact reflect years of experience gained supporting specialty healthcare providers. By integrating with the optimal EMR specific to your medical specialty, Unlimited Financials ensures uncompromised clinician productivity while accelerating cash flow, maximizing revenue, and eliminating time-consuming and error-prone practice management processes.

Request a demonstration of Unlimited Financials today and see how your behavior and mental health practice can achieve peak financial performance.

The Unlimited Systems Difference

Everything we do at Unlimited Systems is designed to help you improve the efficiency of your practice while cutting costs. Our software has been shown to increase revenue and cash flow by up to 10%. More than 3,500 healthcare organizations use our software to manage more than $40 billion in revenue.

How Much Does Our Infusion Services Practice Software Cost?

We make it easy to get the software you need to power your practice. Our software is available as a subscription and is easy to scale up or down, depending on your needs. Contact us today to get a quote. 

Generate More Revenue at Your Infusion Services Practice Today

If you are ready to boost revenue, file cleaner claims, and improve patient experience, contact us to schedule your demo. We look forward to helping you grow your practice.