Charge Review & Claim Filing

Maximize reimbursement with specialty-specific claim edits to validate claims faster and with more complete results

Charge Review & Claim Filing

Harness the Power of AI to Improve Charge Review and Claim Filing

Busy practices that seek to optimize payer-compliant medical claims take advantage of the extensive transaction processing rules and other cognitive services included with their Unlimited Financials subscriptions. Automating the identification and resolution of claim issues before initial submission returns valuable time to business office staff and helps ensure complete reimbursement. Claim filing lags can be eliminated without adding resources or placing new burdens on your current billing team.

Charge validation enforces insurance-specific requirements – a specialty-specific rules engine pre-configured for regional payer variation can be customized to automate compliance with the facility- and provider-based billing parameters.

Reconciliation workflow designed for scale – data architecture ensures audit trail integrity in even the highest volume environments. Unlimited Financials triangulates activity capture across all distinct sources to prevent charge loss regardless of throughput level.

API-enabled clearinghouse integration – instantaneous, on-demand connections, rather than a traditional batch file mechanism, expedite claim submission and response processing directly within Unlimited Financials. Payment lead times fall immediately as a result.