Eligibility & Authorization

Eliminate the expense of manual processes through a rules-based engine that drives automated eligibility verification

Eligibility & Authorization

Verify Insurance Eligibility Quickly and Accurately with Unlimited Financials

Prepare for reimbursement success when you confirm insurance coverage and secure treatment authorization using streamlined, consistent, and automated workflows. With Unlimited Financials, you have the power to ensure every patient has accurate coverage information on file before treatment, prevent the release of unauthorized claims, and eliminate retroactive appeals. Intuitive guided features capture accurate and complete information from the first interaction with each patient and dramatically reduce barriers to complete and timely payment.

Automated prospective verification – configurable rules engine evaluates insurance coverage, provider credentialing, and each patient’s scheduled therapeutic plan to drive automated eligibility checks that are optimally timed in advance of treatment.

Embedded RTE feature – cloud-based direct connections return detailed, real-time eligibility (RTE) results within seconds enabling rapid financial counseling intervention to secure coverage updates and engage patient assistance options.

Comprehensive treatment authorization lifecycle – Unlimited Financials support for the line item and claim-level insurance authorizations extends to complex scenarios which require the automatic pairing of insurance approval details with multiple dates of service.

System-generated alerts for at-risk scenarios – advance notification of approaching expiration dates and low residual service allowances equip your business office to secure updated treatment authorizations rather than provide uncompensated services.