Patient Intake

Improve efficiency, increase patient satisfaction, and elevate staff confidence using dedicated intake and departure workflows

Patient Intake

Start off Right with Unlimited Financials 

Streamlined and precise financial registration – for both new and existing patients – sets the stage for a maximum time of service collections.  Unlimited Financials unlocks workflow and data capture features that optimize your front-of-house processes from the first intake through every future appointment.   Downstream insurance reimbursement and cash flow benefit dramatically from the high-quality, granular patient registration enabled by Unlimited Financials.

By integrating with the optimal EMR(s) specific to your medical specialty, Unlimited Financials ensures uncompromised clinician productivity while accelerating cash flow, maximizing revenue, and eliminating time-consuming and error-prone practice management processes.  Unlimited Financials’ modern design and immediate positive impact reflect 17+ years of experience gained supporting specialty healthcare providers.

Tangible ROI benefits that result directly from accurate and efficient patient registration and intake workflows using Unlimited Financials include:

  • Elimination of manual effort required to identify and correct bad data
  • Automation of insurance verification processes
  • Support for document scanning & Indexing at Point of Service
  • Immediate confirmation of secure payment transactions