Payment Posting & Denial Management

Reduce staff time by automating payment posting for even the most complicated and non-standard ERA file

Payment Posting & Denial Management

Post Payments Faster and More Efficiently 

Unlimited Financials facilitates fast and accurate financial record-keeping for busy healthcare offices like yours. Our revenue cycle system is designed to help you gain immediate insight into when payments are received and posted to your practice’s accounts. Built-in features make it possible to ensure payments are reportable on the day money is received. And you’ll immediately reduce the number of touches required to post electronic remittances—all while maintaining accurate and up-to-date account receivables. And when specific entries need attention or follow-up, Unlimited Financials will flag them for you so you can act immediately and avoid costly delays. With automatic checks and balances in place, your team can spend valuable time-solving problems and focus on patient experiences. 

Reconciliation of received remittances and bank deposits—report payments based on the exact date cash was deposited to the bank and eliminate the risk of posting not-yet-received remittances. 

Automated identification and correction of remittance exceptions—spend less time reconciling with touchless suppression of excess adjustments for denials, underpayments, and other configurable scenarios. And receive automatic alerts on when to take action when denials and other unexpected payment variances for downstream user intervention. 

Automatic posting of approved remittances—automatically post payments that pass all configured validation rules and have no exceptions. Users will also have the ability to suppress payments received for claims from other billing systems (e.g., pharmacy) 

EOB snapshots directly accessible in claims and AR workflows—generate easy-to-read PDFs for each claim payment posted and automatically generated from every ERA. Also, maintain easy access to primary and secondary EOBs when working outstanding claims and AR.