Directions Conference

Directions 2023 is primed to deliver another unforgettable experience around the full-featured, best-in-class revenue cycle management platform, Unlimited Financials.

Taking place in Cincinnati over the course of 3 days, Directions will provide an engaging environment to adapt peak performance opportunities through curated connections, innovative experiences, and a personalized attendee journey.

Join Unlimited, and your industry peers, at Directions 2023 focused on providing financial management solutions for Specialty Healthcare Practices with a core principle of creating meaningful, measurable, and sustainable results.

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Focused on Results

Fully realizing peak financial performance opportunities offered in oncology requires financial management features not provided by typical “off-the-shelf” billing software. Our Solution? Talented experts from key disciplines spanning healthcare, finance, technology, and client success have collaborated to create Unlimited Financials. Unlimited Financials is a full-featured, web-based practice management system providing detailed analytics and task-driven workflows from start to finish for a wide range of specialty healthcare practices seeking measurable increases in staff productivity, cash flow, and revenue.

Simplify Revenue Cycle Management

We strive to deliver user-friendly solutions that are designed for the unique needs of specialty practices. With Unlimited Financials, you’ll simplify claim and payment processing while providing intelligent reporting and analytics. Our system provides fast, error-free billing, streamlines patient intake, automates eligibility verification, optimizes charge capture, and eases remittance posting. Unlimited Financials optimizes your billing office while enabling your clinical staff freedom of choice to leverage the full benefits of the EMR of their choosing.

Delivering Tangible ROI

At Unlimited Systems, we deliver a meaningful, measurable, and sustainable return on investment (ROI) for our clients. In addition to high levels of satisfaction, our partners benefit from measurable increases in staff productivity, cash flow, and revenue. Managing $40+ billion in annual charges across more than 2,600 specialty locations, Unlimited Financials delivers a user-friendly platform designed for healthcare’s unique needs. “Unlimited Financials has allowed us to extend our workforce in some areas due to the workflow efficiencies and given a better patient experience.” – Mel Davies, CFO, Oregon Oncology Specialists

Peak Financial Performance

Practices that rely on Centricity® as their revenue cycle workhorse have been advantaged for the past twelve years by the g4 feature Extensions delivered by Unlimited Systems. Graduating to Unlimited Financials is the prudent path to improve the current state of revenue cycle key performance indicators while future-proofing the practice management platform to sustain success over the next decade. We help specialty healthcare practices, networks, and institutions achieve Peak Financial Performance through improved efficiencies, reduced time to file, and increased collections. Unlimited Financials delivers the information you need when you need it.

Keynote Guest Speakers

Devin Henderson

Something Greater is Always Possible
Wednesday, May 10, 12:45 - 1:45 PM

For many individuals and teams, a once-held vision of unlimited possibility gets small and limited due to life’s daily stressors, persistent insecurities, self-doubt, isolation, and even failure. But what if you and your team could reclaim and expand your full potential at any time? And what if your truest potential was bigger, richer, and more satisfying than you had envisioned? A seasoned speaker and performer, Devin Henderson brings an unforgettable experience of impact and inspiration that helps people and organizations take a break from the worries of the day while breaking free from perceived limits. You will discover practices for maintaining mental strength and resilience to realize your greatness like never before.

John Ogle, MBA, CPA

Benchmarking Financial Success
Thursday, May 11, 10:30 - 11:10 AM

John Ogle is a native Memphian having spent his entire career building solid relationships starting with 12 years of public accounting at BDO Seidman and Thompson Dunavant and then transitioning to the CFO role at innovative local healthcare entities such as The West Clinic and Luminetx. John is the Principal at Ogle Clinton, a firm that offers contract CFO, bookkeeping, accounting, business consulting, due diligence, special projects, and financial modeling services to start-up through middle-market sized businesses. John’s exposure to multiple industries has allowed him to gain invaluable insight into the integration of accounting, IT, operations, HR and sales.

Unlimited Systems Executive Team

Brian Gockerman

Brian Gockerman

President & Chief Executive Officer
Matt Gockerman

Matt Gockerman

Executive Vice President & Chief Legal Officer
Peter Gockerman

Peter Gockerman

Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Joe Gockerman

Joe Gockerman

Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

Unlimited Systems Leadership Team

Chris Martin

Customer Success Senior Director

Daniela Higgins

Product Development Senior Director

Sean Boggess

Systems Engineering Director

Erin Stevens

Revenue Cycle Performance Director

Alexandra Guiducci

Commercial Sales Director

Fiona Peoples

Product Management Director

Eliza Fox

Data Engineering Director

Allison Dardinger

Navigator Program Manager

All About Directions

Power BI – Beyond Data Delivery

The days of querying data being refreshed every 24 hours and exporting the results into Excel are a thing of the past. PowerBI is a cloud-based analytics platform that gives end users more control over everything from the data refresh schedule to data presentation.

With PBI, users can set the underlying datasets to update on a schedule multiple times per day, manually kick off a refresh, or design live reports that query against the data in real-time. Users can take advantage of our Standard Reports, logically organized by function in the Administrative, Intake and Billing workspaces. In addition, users can download a Standard Report and copy it into the Custom workspace where they can customize it to meet their specific needs, and even combine data across multiple reports. Once the report is returned, PBI once again flexes its power. Instead of leaving the user with a flat data file, PBI’s click-through interface allows the user to navigate through the data and link out to the actual charges or claims.

PBI is the future of reporting and data analytics, and our Enterprise Reporting team is helping to shape that future for our clients!

Innovation Center

This is your opportunity to engage one-on-one with key members of the Unlimited Systems Product Development team. Thirty-minute sessions are constructed to learn your needs for upcoming concepts and test near-delivery-ready features.

  • Sessions are small-group and exclusive. You and up to three colleagues will meet with two members of Product Development.
  • Sessions are dynamic and hands-on. You could review prototypes, engage with live software, or take part in a brainstorming activity.
  • Sessions are exploratory! You’ll investigate upcoming concepts and provide feedback on near-delivery features. So put on your lab coat and visit Herbert the Hedgehog in the Cloud Lab!

Reach out to our Navigator Program Manager, Allison Dardinger, so we know you’re interested! We’ll be in touch to lock in your time in the Cloud Lab.

What to expect at Directions 2023