Navigator Day | May 9, 2023 

Navigator Day is an exclusive event for members of the Unlimited Systems Navigator Engagement program. This is a once-a-year opportunity to meet in our office with industry colleagues and the Unlimited Systems Product Development team. This event is located in the Unlimited Systems headquarters and is presented for you at no extra cost.

What You’ll Do

Sessions are small group, hands-on, brainstorming activities. We focus on collaboration, communication, and our Navigator community. The morning starts with a full-group icebreaker activity so you can get to know your fellow Navigators. Shortly after, we break into smaller pods. Each pod makes their way through a series of working sessions. The event concludes by bringing all pods back together again to share what we’ve experienced!

What We’ll Discover

We’ll discuss a variety of concepts that have a direct impact on the development of our cloud-based offering. And while the agenda is still being crafted, we’ve already collected a few topic ideas from you:

  • Unlimited Engagement Expansion 
  • Advanced Scheduling 
  • Workflows (Invoice Review / Patient AR Management / Write-off) 

As we get closer to May 10, we’ll send out an updated agenda to attendees.


There is no additional cost to attend Navigator Day 2023. Unlimited Systems will provide transportation to and from your hotel. We anticipate that Navigator Day will run from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Lunch is provided, and we’re always stocked with snacks and beverages.

How to Sign Up

Reach out to our Navigator Program Manager, Allison Dardinger, so we know you’re coming! We’ll be in touch to ensure your trip to and from Cincinnati is a smooth flight.

Not a Member? 

The Unlimited Systems’ Navigator Engagement Program empowers you to have a voice in the next generation of revenue cycle management. As a member, you’ll engage with our Product Development crew and collaborate with industry colleagues. Take advantage of this opportunity to contribute to the direction of our cloud-based offering and gain early access to the latest software features.

Reach out to our Navigator Program Manager, Allison Dardinger, to reserve your seat today!


Allison Dardinger, MSHI

Unlimited Systems | Navigator Program Manager

(513) 322-6562