Revenue Cycle Solutions for Health Systems

Simplifying complex high-volume health system billing with Unlimited Financials

Maximize Revenue, Simplify Interoperability, and Achieve Peak Performance

Health systems facing declining reimbursements and the need to achieve high levels of patient satisfaction, hospitals and health systems must find ways to maximize their revenues while delivering optimal patient care. For those providing costly, sensitive, specialty care services – like oncology – implementing intelligent tools and processes that eliminate complex manual workflows, accelerate complete reimbursement, and support an exceptional patient experience is critical for peak financial performance.

With the Unlimited Financials platform for revenue cycle management, health systems can:

Increase front office workflow efficiency by automating patient intake and checkout workflows, including appointment arrival, registration data review, and copay collection. The combination of these factors allows you to deliver a hassle-free patient experience.

Maximize reimbursement by applying carrier-specific rules and a comprehensive library of specialty-specific claim edits to validate claims faster with more complete results.

Automate payment posting for even the most complicated and non-standard ERA files to free up time for staff to spend on other essential tasks.

Eliminate the expense of manual processes with a configurable, rules-based engine that automates eligibility verification.

Improve cash flow through automated alerts that highlight underpayments and denials.

Improve staff productivity through auto-identification and assignment of high-priority tasks.